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 Reservation of the apartments


Every apartment presented on our website, you can book a specific date when the lease term of 3 or more nights. To do this you need to have the information about dates of your arrival , departure, number of persons who will stay and what criterions of the  interior and hostel service you expect.

We offer 3 ways you can choose:

  1. you choose the apartment, pre-pay the advance payment for the three night stay and it is guaranteed to any apartment, presented on our site.
  2. you choose the apartment, send a request to our email and we will look if your choice is vacant during your travel time.
  3. you arrive, make a call to us and within 15 minutes we will give you multiple choices of the apartments where you can go right away. In this case the cost may vary.

From April until November be sure to make your reservations minimum  2 weeks ahead of your arrival date. During Russian holidays (March 8, December 25-January 13) its better to make your booking even earlier due tourist’s season.


Reservation Conditions and Terms

  1. For reservations of apartments, rooms you need to make an advance payment at the rate of the one night. Advance payment guarantees reservation.

This can be done both in cash and non-cash payment (Webmoney, Western Union, YandexMoney)

  1. Upon arrival you pay the remaining amount for accommodation and make a deposit for the keys and the safety of property, which returns the day of departure in whole or in part (in the case of damage to the apartment and / or property located therein or if keys are lost).
  2. The deposit amount is the cost of living in this apartment for a day, but not less than 3000 rubles. After payment of residence, you get the keys to the apartment and you are responsible for their safety while they are in your possession.
  3. Number of occupants must not exceed the allowable amount for the apartment residents, which is clearly stated on the website.
  4. You must behave in accordance with the moral and ethical norms accepted in this country. The loud music, vandalism, noise and shouting after 23.00 are unacceptable and are grounds for immediate eviction from your rented apartment.
  5. If in the case of force majeure or for any reason, the reserved apartment became not available, then we have the right to give you another apartment of the same level of comfort and in the same price range.
  6.  Minimum rental period - 3 days.


Cancellations and cases in which it occurs:

     In case of no-show, the client did not come on the day of settlement, not warned about this and it can not be contacted. The entire stay is canceled, and the prepayment cover our losses.
     In the event that the client has warned that he would not come . Prepayment is also not refundable.

If the company "Alliance" for any reason will not be able to provide your apartment, the company is obliged to provide the equivalent of an apartment or condo higher quality at a specified price during booking or return the deposit payment.



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