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"Black" list of hosts

Dear customers!
Before you rent an apartment in St. Petersburg, with a look at our list of unscrupulous owners and agents to further an objective decision.
This list is compiled by us on the basis of personal experience and customer feedback. In our database, there are only those who justify your and our expectations.

We would be very grateful if you would inform your claims on specific objects by phone

email .

Your information will help us to improve and make your stay in St. Petersburg comfortable.

To search, enter the address, the metro station, the name of the owner / agent or phone (any of the data, or several at once, separated by a space, in whole or in part). For titles, names, use an uppercase letter.

Prospect, house 8, 1-room apt., Natalia 79500282712 Do not perform obligations to the client
Chkalovskiy Prospect, house 56, 1-room apt., Svetlana 89522043915 Non-fulfillment of obligations to the client

Komendatsky Prospect, house 9 , 2-rooms apt., Nicholas 89522043164 apartment does not match the description
Kostyushko, house  2 (Victory Park) , 3-rooms apt., Elena 89052293632 Not settling for reservations.

ul.Kubinskaya, house  48 (Victory Park) 2-rooms apt., Elena 89516486887 Do not perform obligations to the client
Novocherkasskiy prospect, house 41, 1-room apt. Olga 8-953-154-41-55 apartment does not match the description

Grajdanskiy prospect, house 124 , 2-rooms apt., Svetlana 8-911-009-54-84 Not settling for reservations.
Grajdanskiy prospect, house 40 , 2-rooms apt. Vladimir +79046431586 Not settling for bronirovanie.Ne returned the advance.



Enter address, metro, owner's/agent's name or phone number (any of listed or some at once, separated by space, fully or partly). Use upper case letter as first for names.

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